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Love your body.  Love your birth.

Happy Breastfed Infant
Pregnant Belly Ready for Labor
Big brother gets to hold baby for the first time
Baby born in the water with doula and midwife
Newborn Born At Home

to improve by labor, care or study

Birth is physically and emotionally taxing and often there is fear associated with the pain and possible problems of birth, but there doesn't have to be!  Birth is a normal process and your body already knows what to do.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that you can go into birth blindly.  Did you know that most hospitals have an unnecesary cesarean rate of over 30%?  I truly believe that the more you invest in your birth and educate yourself, the more you'll be able to relax and allow your body to progress in labor.  You'll have the tools you need to help you weigh benefits and risks of common interventions used in labor.

When you hire me as your doula, you're hiring someone who is familiar with birth and who can support you throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding.  Studies show that hiring a doula has so many benefits including shorter labors, less interventions, less c-sections and a better labor experience!  Knowledge is power and support is key.  Cultivate your birth today!